Smurfs Anthology #5, The por Peyo

Titulo del libro : Smurfs Anthology #5, The
Autor : Peyo
ISBN : 1629912921

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Smurfs Anthology #5, The por Peyo

Peyo con Smurfs Anthology #5, The

Smurf vs. Smurf and Smurf Soup get the Anthology treatment! While Papa Smurf works in his laboratory, two Smurfs begin arguing about the proper use of the word 'Smurf.' Smurfs that live in the northern part of the village use it as a verb (as in 'bottle Smurfer'), while the southerners use it as a noun (as in 'Smurf opener'). Without Papa Smurf around to calm things down, the argument quickly escalates until the northern and southern Smurfs divide themselves along the village lines! Plus, another never-before-seen Johan & Peewit comic, featuring the Smurfs!

PIERRE CULLIFORD, born in Belgium in 1928, was the cartoonist known as Peyo. After leaving school in Brussels, he looked for a job and found two that caught his eye: dental assistant and illustrator. After arriving 15 minutes late for the dental assistant job, he was left with only one option! Peyo quickly found himself working with some of Belgium's most talented cartoonists, including his lifelong writing partner Yvan Delporte. He eventually got the break he deserved when he started working for Le Journal de Spirou. Johan and Peewit were among his most popular characters. In 1958, The Smurfs made their first appearance and went on to become the world-famous characters we know and love today.