The Beaufort Woman (Beaufort Chronicles #2) por Judith Arnopp

Titulo del libro : The Beaufort Woman (Beaufort Chronicles #2)
Autor : Judith Arnopp

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The Beaufort Woman (Beaufort Chronicles #2) por Judith Arnopp

Judith Arnopp con The Beaufort Woman (Beaufort Chronicles #2)

Margaret Beaufort's story continues in
The Beaufort Woman
As the struggle between York and Lancaster continues, Margaret Beaufort fights for admittance to the court of the victorious Edward IV of York and his unpopular queen, Elizabeth Woodville.
The old king and his heir are dead, leaving only Margaret’s son, the exiled Henry Tudor, with a tenuous claim to the throne. The royal nursery is full, with two small princes securing York’s continuing rule.
But Edward and Elizabeth’s magnificent court hides a dark secret, a deception that threatens the security of the English throne … and all who lust after it.
In 1483, with the untimely death of the King, Margaret finds herself at the heart of chain of events that threaten the supremacy of York, and will change England forever.

The Beaufort Woman: One woman’s selfless struggle for the rights of her son.